Local Business Videos on YouTube: What You Need to Know

 In More Visitors to Your Website

More and more local businesses are using YouTube as a successful way to promote their products and services.

Do you know the key factors to list and rank local videos on YouTube?

If you would like to expand your company’s visibility through video, you can harness YouTube to get more exposure faster.

YouTube Videos Get Top Rankings in Google Quicker than Websites

Google, the #1 search engine, owns YouTube. Since there is such a close connection between the two, YouTube videos pop up regularly in Google’s organic search results.

When you upload your business videos to YouTube, you can tag those videos and use local business keywords to get your video ranked on Google’s search result pages.

The fact is that even though it takes more time to position a website on page one of Google, you can do that quickly with a relevant video posted on YouTube.

Part of the reason is the ability to use long tail keywords in your YouTube videos.

Since there aren’t a lot of videos showing up in Google when you search for services, like “discrimination lawyer New York City” or “pizza delivery Miami,” this means that there is a significant opportunity for your business videos to get exposure in organic search results.

Use Targeted Keywords for Your Local Business

One of the primary tactics is to create your videos with those targeted keywords before uploading them.

You want to generate these videos naturally by producing video content that is high quality and authentic. And you want the video content to match the actual keywords that you use.

If you try to create a generic video and use keywords that don’t match what you say in your video, you won’t get many positive reviews.

In fact, you risk getting many “thumbs down” ratings, which Google will see as red flags. Too many red flags and your video will drop like a boulder from the top of search engine results pages.

On the other hand, when you create a YouTube channel and publish relevant videos, you can gain legitimate subscribers and higher chances for more viewers.

Best Practices for Posting Local Business Videos on YouTube

Here are some best practices for getting better Google rankings for YouTube videos about your local business.

  • Before you upload your video to YouTube, name your video file with longtail keywords. For example, your file name should look something like this: “best-home-builder-buffalo-new-york-14201-716-xxx-xxxx.mp4.” You would do the same for “best-custom-built-homes-Buffalo-NY-14201-716-XXX-XXXX.mp4.” You don’t need to include the punctuation like commas or parentheses. Google can read the text and will index the important information in its database.
  • Make sure your YouTube video titles include local targeted keyword phrases. For instance, if you are a home builder in Buffalo, New York, then you need to make sure that information is in your YouTube video title. You may also include your business address zip code and business phone number. For example, a relevant video title would be: “Best Home Builder, Buffalo, NY 14201 (716) XXX-XXXX”
  • Your YouTube video description is a key place to include your local targeted keywords. Video descriptions on YouTube can be between 500-600 words long.
  • Paste a transcript of your YouTube video in the video description field. This gives the viewer more information about the video. Some people would rather read and skim than watch the entire video. When you include the transcript, you are helping the “readers” get your information without having to watch the entire video. The transcript helps to reinforce the message of your videos, especially any content about your products or services. The Google search bots “read” the description, which can help boost your rankings.
  • Generally, the first two sentences of your YouTube video description show up on the Google search pages, so make sure your keywords and contact information (like your business website address) are in those first two sentences.
  • Include your business name, address, phone number and website in your video description. Your exact business information makes your video unique and tracks it back directly to your business.
  • As a rule of thumb, you should place the keyword phrase at the beginning of the video description and use different variations of the phrase throughout the rest. Long tail keywords are great for this purpose.
  • It is very common to find most business YouTube channels with just one video. Many business people don’t have many ideas for additional videos. However, it is very easy to modify an existing video and make it apply to similar keywords. With a different title, file name, music and a few alterations to the script, you can “clone” a video and make it different enough to be a completely different video.
  • You can use other keywords to so that your YouTube video shows up in searches for other targeted keyword phrases. For example, taking our home builder in Buffalo, New York, if you changed the title and some tweaks to the video script and images, you could create a video on “Best Custom-Built Homes, Buffalo, NY 14201 (716) XXX-XXXX.”

  • “Home Builder” and “Custom Built Homes” are different topics. It is very believable that the same company is offering both services. People often search for different topics, so a home builder and custom-built homes attract two different groups of website visitors.
  • When you create enough of these similar but different videos, you can create a playlist to leverage your channel. Your playlist would then have several videos with targeted keyword phrases. Make sure that the videos you upload and include in your playlist have relevant and similar keywords.
  • Use custom thumbnails for your YouTube business videos. You can do this by verifying your YouTube account through your cell phone number. When you upload custom thumbnail images, you can choose an image that identifies your company.
  • Make sure to include your logo and website on the custom thumbnail image. This image will be the first “frame” of your video and that’s what will show up when the video is first seen – either on YouTube, Google or another website. You may get contacted by people just seeing the website on the first video frame.
  • Remember, the standard size for thumbnail images is 1280 x 720; but make sure that the size matches the resolution of your uploaded video.
  • Post your YouTube videos on your social media accounts like Facebook. Make your YouTube video shareable so that you and other viewers can embed your video on their, blogs, websites or social media accounts. The power of sharing a video on the internet provides you with the means to get a wider audience, more views, more website visits and more leads through email or phone calls.
  • Use YouTube analytics and Google Analytics to see who is viewing your videos. Use those insights to offer related videos or tweak the description of your posted videos.

Leveraging your YouTube videos is one of the best ways to influence people searching for products and services in their area.

Creating and sharing YouTube videos increases your chances of being seen, known and trusted on Google.

Combine keyword-named video files, local targeted keywords, descriptions, thumbnails, and playlists.

These factors will help Google display your videos relatively quickly.


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