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Watch Below To Learn How THIS ONE Thing Increases Your Revenue by 228% Almost Instantly with Little to No Effort...
. . .and How Successful Businesses Are Improving Their Brand And Reputation With Persuasive Video Testimonials so they can focus on what they Love In Their Business!
Dear Savvy Business Owner,
As someone who cares about your own brand and businesses's online reputation, you know there are websites that post reviews about you and your business...

Yelp. Bing. Yellow Pages. Glassdoor. Manta... just to name a few.

Sometimes the experience of a customer being shared in the reviews on these sites can be good, and can actually help your business and brand!

But other times (and often times) one rude customer, a disgruntled employee or even a malicious competitor will post a horrible or fake review about your business.

Everyone can see these reviews.

But sadly, you can't control what's on these sites...

As an example, check out this Yelp review below that was posted for a restaurant in Miami, Florida:
Overall, that restaurant had a 4.7 star review rating on, and most customers seemed to be very satisifed with the service, food, and atmosphere.

...but it only takes ONE bad review to bring down your business's reputation

There are potentially HUNDREDS of customers that read that one bad review, and then decided to go somewhere else (even though the review could have easily been a fake competitor review)

The truth is, customers give a lot of weight to what others are saying about your business. And over 94% of potential customers will read reviews about your product or service before even thinking of making a purchase from you...

To combat just one horrible review like that, It could take dozens of exceptional 5 star reviews on Yelp to convince a customer to purchase from you. 
There is a better option though...
To combat and overshadow poor reviews - as well as propel your brand to the spotlight recommendation of your industry - you can leverage the power of video testimonials!

Testimonial videos give you a lot of advantages online.

They incorporate positive feedback from existing customers and allow you to showcase their positive experiences and comments. People TRUST video testimonial more than any other form by far!

Review videos engage your customers by highlighting your actual customer’s experience.
It’s one thing to read a review about a business. It’s another thing to hear actual customers speaking
good things about a business. .. There's nothing like seeing exactly what another customer said about your business.

Imagine how much your brand's reputation could improve if you had multiple video testimonials AND you had control over what those testimonials said about your business...
Local Business Review Videos Do Exactly That!
Search Results Group makes professional and trustworthy video reviews for your business that increases customer trust in your brand as well as increases your bottom line!

This is where you can control what people see when they look for your business.

Videos rank higher in search engines like Google (overshadowing sites like Yelp) while well-done videos give your business a sense of professionalism and authority. 

Did you know that when 72% of customers watch a video testimonial about your business, they trust it as much as a recommendation from friends and family?

Here are just a few of the many benefits that getting a review video from BizWatch can offer for you and your business when you invest in your reputation:
  •  Generates Massive Exposure: What makes Search Results Group stand out from all other review sites is that you have the power of Google on your side. Google favors videos, and with our expertise, we'll make sure your handcrafted testimonial video is at the top of search engines like Google... Now when customers search for your brand, they'll find nothing but good news!
  •  Controls Your Reputation: In particular, Search Results Group allows you to control what is being said about your brand and business. With select actors delivering trustworthy and persuasive performances, prospective customers will be inspired to buy from you!
  •  Inspires Trust: People trust what others have to say about your business. And a word-of-mouth recommendation where a potential customer can see what someone is saying about your business is incredibly sincere, believable and persuasive!
  •  Showcases Quality: When no one else in your industry has testimonials this great, you have an unfair advantage. This establishes the quality, performance, and effectiveness of your product or service. It shows you're a real player who has a great brand worth buying from!
When you invest in your business with quality video testimonials, you’ll validate the quality and reliability of your products and services!
Furthermore, your testimonial videos can be re-purposed... Use it to create initial awareness of a product, to encourage customer interest or even to close a sale.

You'll even get the opportunity to highlight what makes you, your business, your story, and your product different from all others!

I really encourage you to invest in your business with local business video testimonials today... It'll make all the difference in your reputation, and you're sure to see incredible and profitable results FAST!
To Your Certain Success!
Dave Pipitone
- President of Search Results Group
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