Juice Factor 3: How to Supercharge Your Press Releases with Video and Other Online Multimedia

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In first “The Juice Factor” post, I gave you three tips for getting more energy and awareness for your business.

In the last post, Juice Factor 2, I gave you a formula for choosing a press release topic that created a superfood content asset for your business.

Now, it’s time to supercharge your superfood content.

One of the biggest misconceptions about press releases is that the announcements are slow – written on a typewriter and faxed to a newspaper.

Not anymore!

Think of a Tesla!

It’s quiet. It’s fast. It can accelerate quickly when it has a full charge.

In today’s digital world, business owners who are savvy about marketing package their press releases with all sorts of multimedia.

That multimedia includes everything from video to audio clips to infographics, white papers and more.

One of the biggest advantages of online press releases is that your article can be distributed to dozens, hundreds or even thousands of websites.

And those press releases can contain a direct link that goes to your website or other websites.

Why not linking to your marketing video on YouTube?

Or, how about linking to a white paper about your newest product line?

PR Newswire, one of the leading distributors of online press releases, reported that press releases with multimedia were viewed nearly three times as much as ones without multimedia.

And that report was published in 2015! More people are viewing video and accessing images online than before.

The viewers stay around for a longer time. (They actually read the press release, along with consuming the multimedia.)

Wouldn’t you like that – getting more “juice” to your press release?

Publishing a press release that’s actually interesting?

Let’s look at three ways you can use multimedia with your press releases.

Using Video with Press Releases

Your top choice is usually going to be a video.

This can be an interview, a demo of your product, customer testimonials and the like.

The Internet is very much a visual medium. So, including video in your press release is an excellent idea.

You’ll have to pay more to actually publish the press release, but the difference will be well worth it.

Besides, with your video, you now have another marketing asset you can use to publicize yourself, your business, or your product.

Reports and Whitepapers

Does the subject matter of your press release need more explaining?

Or, should it warrant more explaining, even if it doesn’t actually need it?

If so, linking to a page where someone can actually download a report, or even a white paper, is a great idea.

You can do this in a variety of ways, but two possibilities come to mind.

Link directly to a download, or link to a landing page where the visitor has to supply their name and email in order to complete the download.

That’s called a “squeeze page” in the online marketing business, and, as you can see, using squeeze pages to build lists of potential prospects is a very, very good idea.

Audios and Graphics

Video, reports, and whitepapers aren’t the only multimedia assets you can use.

Audios of podcasts and interviews are excellent!

You can link to the podcast online or to the audio on an audio site like SoundCloud.

People love pictures! And, graphics like infographics that actually explain processes and the like are excellent downloads.

You’ll be educating your audience and branding yourself and your business as a thought leader and expert.

Although you don’t have to use multimedia in your press releases, if you don’t you’re probably missing out on a ton of views, and even sales for your business. Consider a video, audio, or some such along with your next press release!

You don’t need to plod along using a typewriter anymore. Now you can drive traffic with press releases just like driving a Tesla.

You can supercharge your “superfood content” and make your press release even more interesting to more people.

Chapter Six of my free book, “How to Use the Power of Press Releases to Get More Business,” goes more into the use of multimedia with press releases. If you’d like a free copy, please click on the book cover below.


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