Juice Factor 2: How to Pick a Press Release Topic That the Right People Will Read

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In first “The Juice Factor” post, I gave you three tips for getting more energy and awareness for your business.

That “juice” was related to the audience – your target of people who will be interested in what you have to say.

Max Goldberg wrote a post, “My Most Powerful Green Juice Recipe Yet.

His recipe combines radishes, broccoli sprouts, kale and lots of celery.

As Max writes, “Broccoli sprouts…contains sulforaphane, a powerful anti-cancer compound that helps fight and reduce the risk of developing cancer. One of the best foods that you can put into your body.”

Broccoli has often been termed a “superfood” especially by neuro physicians who recommend that vegetable for brain health.

So what does this have to do with press releases?

Just this.

If you’re interested in supercharging the health of your business, you need a powerful “content” superfood.

Publishing press releases to market your business is that “superfood content.”

Press releases are one of the strongest marketing tools out there. People believe what they see in the news, press releases are evergreen (no broccoli pun intended), and they generally have an aura of authority about them, even though they’re normally paid for and published by a given business in order to promote itself.

If you haven’t experienced the benefits you and your business can get from press release marketing, consider giving it a go!

How to Get Started

When you sit down to plan your first press release or even your first series of press releases, you’re going to need to figure out what topic you’re going to write about—or have a writer write about.

Sometimes that’s obvious because a major event in your business has just been reached or is headed your way shortly.

Often though, the best topics for your next press release are anything but clear, especially if you’ve been publishing press releases regularly, which you should be doing!

To help your creative juices start to flow, I’m going to talk about five main areas of topic for your next press release. Consider each of these in order, make notes, and you’ll come up with more ideas than you need.

General News

Okay, let’s start with the obvious. Has anything at all happened that could be considered even remotely like news in your business? Changes in staff, location, product line, pricing structure. Basically, anything that your stakeholders might be interested in knowing about. If so, these are a great topic for a press release or press releases. Let’s drill down into this some!

Any New Products?

Of special interest are new product launches.

How’s the updated version of last year’s product coming? Is it ready to get out the door? How does that impact buyers of the older model, if any? All of these questions point directly to perfect topics for a press release.

Any Big Events?

Is your business reaching any new milestones? One year in business? Twenty years in business?

How about your annual corporate event? When is that? We publish press releases to spread information, sure, but we also publish them to get attention. Don’t think your newsworthy event has to be momentous.

If it is, great. But if it isn’t going ahead and get that press release out there anyway.

Changes in Products?

Press releases are excellent vehicles for announcing anything that’s changing with a given product or product line.

Have you updated your manufacturing process? Are you sourcing products overseas? Are you sourcing materials in your home country? Anything that’s changing can be turned in to a great topic!

Exemplary Staff or Employees?

Who’s your top salesperson? Of course, he or she will be recognized at your end of the year event, but how about shooting out a press release on the subject?

Doesn’t have to be a key employee, either! How about the student answering the phone on the weekends? Does he or she go the extra mile all the time?

You might balk at publishing a press release on this subject, but this is a great topic! It humanizes your business to other people, endears your employees, and also makes your company look very forward thinking when it comes to employer/employee relations.

Get Ideas Yet?

After reading these few paragraphs, you should be brimming with ideas!

Next step is to hire a writer and then publish your press release.

Don’t drop the broccoli ball!

If you do, nothing will happen and you’ll be exactly where you currently are next month or next year.

The “superfood content” won’t be there to make your business even healthier than it is now.

One of the best way to make your business success evergreen ( 😉 is to publish press releases on topics that people want to know about.

Chapter two of my book, “How to Use the Power of Press Releases to Get More Business” contains 100 ideas for writing press releases, as well as a series of questions in Chapter you can use to brainstorm press release topic ideas.

Click on the image below to get your free copy now.


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